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Genuine data are difficult !

Thermodynamic data are well known for temperature below 2000K from the best data bases : Gurvich, Janaf, Barin, SPCTS, etc.

The data used in the transport properties computation are rough e.g. the interaction potential are not widely known even for interaction of Ar-He.

At high temperatures (T>2000) the main usual gas are tabulated in the T&TWinner data base and also a number of species in gaseous, liquid or solid phase (more than 100). The data base tabulate also many species as chlorides, fluorides, sulfurs, etc.



DATA KIND: numerical

VOLUME: 2000 species and more

UPDATE: as soon as asks

FIRST PUBLIC USE: 1984 (minitel 1991-1995)

LANGUAGE: English / Français

DOWNLOAD: Internet / CD-Rom


As requested: production of numeric data for the collision cross-sections in cooperation with GAPHYOR

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research)
University of Limoges
National College for Engineering in Industrial Ceramics (ENSCI)

T&TWinner Science of Ceramic Processes and of Surface Treatments (SPCTS)
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